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Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under

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Is the answer, yes, to these questions?

Then Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under, is for your child.

  • Get details on how to boost a child’s reading scores by him or her becoming a Child Book Reviewer!
  • The sample cover letters in this book will guide you on how to use other people’s money to pay for your child’s activities!
  • Get details on FREE activities that help build a child a strong resume!
  • Help your child become scholarship material!
  • Watch your child’s daily frustrations melt away! – Click here to turn your child’s life around!

KrisHi I’m Kris, a not so shy, South Bronx, NY raised, girly-girl who loves STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  I encourage children to do their best at anything they set their wonderful minds to do, and that’s what my website is all about.

ResumesforChildren.com is more than a resume development website for children. The resources on this website help children discover how he or she can be well-rounded through certain activities. Through certain activities children will look and sound great on or off paper, i.e., their resume. Now I pose the question, “Is Your Child Well-rounded enough to be Resume Material?” You’ll find what I call F.R.E.E. activities for your child. The new definition for F.R.E.E. means Finding Real Educational Experiences, and that’s what I want parents to do, is to find those kinds of experiences for their children. Stick around, please comment; let’s start a conversation, share articles, and assist others in life, so c’mon, let’s go!

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