KrisHi I’m Kris, a not so shy, South Bronx, NY raised, girly-girl who loves STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  I encourage children to do their best at anything they set their wonderful minds to do, and that’s what my website is all about.  Click around, stay a while and read my articles, listen to my Podcasts, view videos, and check out my books – one is even an award-winner.

Why a Resume for a Child?

A resume for a child may seem out-of-the-box to most, but I’m here to help you develop your child’s resume, to find what I call F.R.E.E. activities for your child that will help you build him or her a strong resume – the word F.R.E.E. means Finding Real Educational Experiences, and that’s what I want parents to do, is to find those kinds of experiences for their children.

There are a lot of informational goodies on my website. As you stick around, please comment; let’s start a conversation, share articles, and assist others in life, so c’mon, let’s go!

Did You Know?

Your child can get a taste of college before he or she actually attends? Visit http://www.academicearth.com and listen to lectures from top colleges and universities like M.I.T. (Massachusettes Institute of Technology), Carnegie Mellon, Standford, UC Berkeley, and Villanova.